Problem Solving to Find Entrepreneurial Solutions


Explore Design Thinking  

Part 1 - Absorb

Design Thinking - What is it? 

It is a process to creatively solve problems by focusing on understanding and analyzing the problem first. Through a business perspective, this could be seen as developing a solution with the "customer" in mind. Through a science lens, this could be seen as analyzing all the facts and observations first, then crafting a solution. 



Key Takeaway

Part 3 - Absorb 

Unique Value Proposition 

Ultimately, every venture is seeking to provide value by offering a solution to a problem or meeting a need.

How you talk about that value is called your Unique Value Proposition.

Read Unique Value Proposition by Peep Laja and review the examples carefully. 

You will craft a statement to help you not only identify your business's value, but it will eventually help you with marketing. We will use the following as best we can during our projects: 

Example: Quoted Her

Problem: the current greeting card market lacks a variety of inspirational messages from women in history, the arts, and culture; additionally, the market lacks a card that can also serve as a gift.

Solution: A 5 x 5 magnet with beautiful images and strong inspiration quotes from historical women 

Benefit: quality greeting card with gift rolled into one, convenience 

Example: MoooWing Cafe 

Problem: people in Andover lack an option for a clean, hip, fast casual setting that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with entertainment options 

Solution: a Western-themed, fast casual food restaurant with occasional entertainment 

Benefit: quick food option 

More Examples: 

21 Value Proposition Examples that Every Marketer Can Learn From in 2021, by Ramona Sukhraj, 

Key Takeaway