Successful businesses develop a formal marketing plan to strategize how they will reach their target customers helping them to think about what format they will use and how often they will use it. 

Marketing plan 

1. Look over the Marketing Plan template

Look through all the promotional items available on the Marketing Plan. If you are not sure what they are, click on the links available to learn more. 

2. Think about your target market. Which of these tools are most likely to reach them? What channels will reach them? Think about where your target customers "hang out". 

Be creative! Go wild! Show off your entrepreneurial traits by finding other tools and ways to do marketing. 

3. Review this page for lots of marketing suggestions. 

Best Practices: 

Promotional Tools 

Check out this list of promotional tools and decide which ones are good for your business. 

Marketing Plan - Google Docs.webm


Review the channel where you will sell your product/service. 

Check to see what items you might need that are also marketing materials: 


*a required tool for class*

1. Learn why you should create a logo here

2. Make a FREE LOGO! Follow these links to find the best free template site for you or search for other options. 

*a required tool for class*

1. Create a separate account from your personal one, this should be a never used before account. 

Not sure how to do this? Follow along here

2. Set up a profile for your business. 

2. Follow @Launchatmcc instagram account and others, look at other businesses via #MCCBiz. 

3. Make your first IG post, it can be anything, try announcing when you hope to launch. Not sure how to do this? Follow along here

Social Media Examples 

Check out student business examples at the IDEA Center webpage & professional business launches at the Launch At MCC site 

Sample student marketing from entrepreneurship Class: 


Suggestions for social media 

Things to try with all social media:

Social Media 

Great Professional Examples

Her Massage - great service photos, interesting content not directly related to product, beautiful brand color and style usage 

Nibbana Cafe - great product photos, interesting content not directly related to product, beautiful brand color and style usage 

Humanity -  great content, changes often, beautiful color scheme, focus on mission of "women live, love, and lead in style." 

Nutella – fun content, recipes of how to use, suggestion about things to do with friends / family 

Threadless – great images, fun content, used images from t-shirts but not actual t-shirts shown 

Lipstick Lobby - great images, tells a story of strength and beauty - social enterprise example

Barefoot_Beck - great product display; management of small batches 

State Bags - great styling - social enterprise example 

Sugar Dustgreat product photos, interesting content not directly related to product 

Untitled: Oct 23, 2019 1:48 PM.webm

Check out this year long calendar of ideas. Can you incorporate some of these into your marketing?

Marketing Tactics   

Use these concepts to help you develop meaningful social media posts that help you stand out as a leader who resonates with the customer versus just selling. 

Follow along with the Marketing Techniques slides for examples 

Review lecture from class as needed:

Editing Tools & Helpful Tips 

Further Learning 

Marketing Channels Your Small Business Should Utilize, by Maricel Rivera, The Blueprint, Jan 2021 

Learn many marketing techniques including content marketing, social media, SEO, etc. by taking courses and certifications from HubSpot - many are free! 

Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce President, Danielle McFadden - Social Media Blog 

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