Better World Project

Part 1 Absorb 

You will do a project-based assignment. Below is an outline of all the major components of the project. 

Read the assignment HERE

Part 2 Do

We will use a modified design thinking as our framework for this project. For this project, each of the steps below will help you process your idea

Use the Guide to help you gather all relevant information along the way. You will be prompted to do this as you read. This Guide will not be turned in, instead it will help you gather info and will help make your idea even stronger. 

Part 3 Do

Then just like with design thinking, we will take our idea and move forward on it, to validate the idea. Depending on your idea, validation and next steps may include a prototype, a test, a pilot program, and/or launch. 

For our class purposes, we will not launch, but instead test out the idea through a Minimum Viable Product - or MVP. Our validation of the idea and concept will be through a website. This will help you to figure out if your solution is viable and something that should be moved forward on. 

You may want to take your MVP to the next level by trying to test through a launch or pilot for the Launch Project. If interested, please talk with Professor Hargis. 

We will validate / prototype / test our idea by doing a minimum viable product or MVP. 

Our MVP will be a Google website. We will go over this in class. The video below is the same info from class for reference. 

Couple hints for success:

Student Examples 

Great data, target market info, and clear solution

Great use of Why to create a nonprofit 

Great example of a simple but important problem and a very clear cut solution 

Great example of a common need many people have and someone in pursuit of their passion 

Great nonprofit example

Great use of modifying the assignment to meet the solution's needs and showing the information for the customer or user's benefit 

Great example of creating a website for the customer! 

Great use of data to show market opportunity 

Great use of images and short, to the point explanations to help explain the problem 

Great use of primary research to help support the problem 

Excellent home page capturing attention, explanation of the problem with clear market opportunity defined, and solution explained clearly

Great example of turning your craft into a business and shaping the website project to suit the customer's perspective

Great example of summarizing the business model on the solution 

Great focus on issue trying to solve and excellent translation of info into the website that is also great info for the customer 

Great value proposition and explaination of solution 

Great example of an artist trying to sell art and create a community for artists 

Great use of data to show the market opportunity 

Great website that draws you in quickly and clear understanding of the solution and great menu to select from for services 

Great website with explanation of problem and solution 

Great website with amazing images and explanation of problem and a clear solution 

Great demonstration of translating project into real e-commerce business 

Creative value proposition and clear explanation of solution